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Dia Internacional da mulher / International Women's day (IWD)

Today we celebrate the International Women's Day. I had not thought of doing anything special in class, but one of my students suggested to write something related to this date. As we were studying the structure of complaint letters in English Commercial Correspondence, two students decided to write a complaint about the lack and enequalities of women's rights.
Then I decided to add a timeline to make us think a little bit about the historical events that led to womens' conquers throughout History.
The teacher, Susana Nassa

Complaint Letter

Australian Women’s Association
98 The Hulk Street
8900-548 Leeton
Australian Minister
Forks Lion street nº110
8800-671 Portland

23 January 1908

Subject: Complaint about the discrimination towards women

             Dear Minister Gorge Cobain,

I,  Joanne Caroline Francis, president of the women association, am writing you this letter to complain about the discrimination towards women.
We formed this group of women because we want the same rights as you men. We think that it is not fair that you can vote and we cannot and that you men earn better salaries than the women.
So with this letter we would like the parliament to change the laws, so that women can have better work conditions, better salaries and the right to vote like men have.

Best Wishes,

Joanne Francis
(President of the Australian Women’s Association)

Anna Schröder e Marta Raposo, CEF ADM

IWD - a time line_ 8 março 2012

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